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Coin and medal designers throughout the world are committed to produce top quality products under the best circumstances possible. 
We select the best raw materials available and use the best tools. Only this can guarantee crystal clear capsules that do not fade, decolorize or deform. Because of this, State Mints throughout Europe and in other countries in the world rely on the capsules of Eurocase.

Our coin and medal capsules are crystal clear, free of scratches and dust, antistatic. The capsules are delivered in clear dust free tubes.

Diameters vary between 13 and 50 mm (inner size) for all available euro coins, as well as all commemorative euro coins in silver and gold. We also supply the recently most popular square capsules commonly used for medal collections.

Diameters vary between 13 and 50 mm (inner size) for all available coins and medals. Even larger inner sizes are available for Artmedals.

Diameters vary between 16,30 mm and 25,75 mm (inner size) for all available euro coins.

For plaquettes and stamps we created rectangular capsules of different sizes.

Square capsules especially created for medal collections outside diameter 50 mm, inside diameter varies between 22 and 40 mm.

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Please use this link to get an overview (PDF) of all current sizes, which can be delivered at short notice. Other sizes are available on request.

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